Hyper-Performance and Smart API Platform
The whole world is getting closer.
The combination of different technologies and industries, which was unimaginable in the past, is now creating a new breed of convergence industries. Amid these changes, an open financial ecosystem based on data has emerged.

Calling a taxi via smartphone, making purchases online, and having ordered goods delivered to one’s door are no longer elements of science fiction stories, but are already commonplace aspects of our lives, creeping deep into our daily routines.


As the border between people and things is disappearing and the walls between industries are falling, we are living in an age of hyperconnectivity, hyperintelligence, and hyperconvergence where every new technology can be connected.
Therefore, we now need to seek out new business opportunities through open API (application program interface) platforms.

The establishment of a smart connection between production and consumption markets is an innovation that will lead to a paradigm shift toward an open financial ecosystem.

OneQ ON API is a customized API platform that is tailored to your business needs and provides the benefits outlined below.


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Enhanced business efficiency through a fast and convenient API that focuses on customers

OneQ ON API is a restfull API that is based on open standard technologies such as HTTP and JSON, which allow for the swift and convenient creation and distribution of APIs, and efficiently supports the creation of new convergence businesses and projects.

OneQ ON API provides an MSA (microservices architecture)-based operational environment for API service, supports customized services, and provides various protocols and message translation, allowing customers to flexibly and rapidly expand their businesses.

With the strength of OneQ ON API, which enables the development of new convergence services using a portal without requiring complex development, customers can execute flexible and efficient responses in the age of digital business.

Increased business efficiency of customers and system availability through agile and scalable architecture

OneQ ON API realizes an agile and scalable architecture with the following functions offered by API Gateway.
  • Dynamic routing: dynamic routing of requests to different backend clusters as needed
  • Traffic control: management, monitoring, and restriction of API traffic
  • Monitoring: tracking of meaningful data and statistics in order to deliver an accurate view of production
  • Static response handling: gateway responds directly to requests instead of delivering requests to an internal cluster in a specific condition
OneQ ON API offers a reliable, highly available service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensures efficient processing through real-time connection to a system with large-scale capacity and superb availability, and provides customized services that address the needs of customers.


Top-level system stability required by financial companies ensured with robust security and authentication

Leveraging our experience and expertise in the financial API business, OneQ ON API fully meets the stringent security standards of financial supervisory authorities by checking for vulnerabilities in infrastructure and source code and conducting penetration testing.

In addition, it identifies the authentication requirements for each resource and rejects requests that do not satisfy such requirements and protects customers’ data from external threats, ensuring the safety and reliability of the services provided.

OneQ ON API supports Oauth2-based API authentication and TLS (transport layer security) encryption, uses various methods of access control by user, application, and API, and establishes allocations for various API call frequencies to track usage, thereby protecting the API from external attacks with reliable and robust security.

Increased satisfaction of customers and their partners with convenient portal functions

The manager portal function of OneQ ON API allows customers to record user activity and monitor usage, thereby enabling the easy and convenient management of partners.
Using the simple and easy API service management function, which includes the collection of billing and settlements, customers can achieve efficient service operation and establish effective strategies.

For the convenience of managers, OneQ ON API has added functions, such as a real-time API service, and reflects management rules based on global caching architecture, API statistics, and reporting.

Furthermore, OneQ ON API provides convenience for the development tasks of both customers of OneQ ON API and their partners by offering functions such as a testbed and API documentation (confirmation of API information and confirmation of real response by entering parameters), thereby helping customers maintain lasting relationships with their partners.


OneQ ON API is a reliable and stable open API platform that supports the creation of new businesses and services by delivering internal data to external entities in the form of API.

It converts data required from external partners into API easily and swiftly, ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of partners.

In particular, developed based on our experience in and knowledge of the financial business, OneQ ON API offers the highest possible level of security (similar to that required by financial companies), which is the greatest concern of customers in the cloud environment.
Moreover, it was designed to enable efficient management and operation, which has been proven in financial business environments.

Developed and operated completely in-house, OneQ ON API is our core platform and has been continuously upgraded and well managed. As not only an API platform vendor but also a service company that operates platforms directly, we are dedicated to providing our valued customers with the best possible services.


System Configuration


  • 01Provides customized services tailored to the needs of customers
  • 02Reduces the time needed for partners to build their systems and reduces costs through the use of open standard technology
  • 03Offers high scalability for the operation of legacy services as well as MSA-based API
  • 04 Enables real-time streaming of API logs and provides various API usage statistics by API, user, and period
  • 05Provides developer portal and manager portal for management and development convenience
  • 06Offers API Gateway based on cluster API architecture


If you are planning to establish new convergence businesses through the integration of various channels and internal systems or wish to receive detailed consultations or inquiries about OneQ ON API, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact information below.