Convenient Collection Solution
As you all know, maintaining good financial health has long been a prime concern in the financial industry. And financial health greatly relies on the defaults of creditors within a given timeframe, as well as on their recovery. Therefore, the most important part of the collection process is predicting collectability.

Moreover, the collection process is becoming increasingly complicated, driven by the rapidly increasing requirements of creditors’ and local market conditions. The financial field thus needs an innovative collection system that is capable of handling the fluctuating lending volumes, complexities of credit risk, and growing demand for loans.

Here, we introduce OneQ ON Collection, an innovative collection solution for reducing and mitigating the risks of managing past-due or delinquent accounts.


Using smart algorithms, OneQ ON Collection provides an open, compliant, and scalable debt management platform.

In addition, OneQ ON Collection makes doing business easier by providing convenient functions, as listed below: Personalized payment methods, completely integrated case management system, definable import and export file report generators, and communication capabilities.

OneQ ON COLLECTION helps make the collection process more accurate and easier by recording debtors’ payment, transaction, and store account information.



Enhanced account recovery

OneQ ON Collection provides real-time data and ensures that the strategic collection process is done as quickly as possible.

It also helps you prevent delays in the collection of overdue payments by identifying and resolving disputes sooner.

Increased productivity

OneQ ON Collection effectively combines the management of information and resources to improve collection performance.

Improved operational forecasting accuracy

OneQ ON Collection provides not only a statistical forecast function but also a function for tracking expected payments.

It also supports you in making strategic business decisions by providing systematic data.

Supporting collection strategies using systematic service data management

OneQ ON Collection stores all detailed data, on each debtor’s financial transactions, on a secure database, and manages
it in a systematic manner.

This allows customers to establish the ideal collection strategy for handling debtors and the collection process.


OneQ ON Collection is a powerful collection software solution that has been designed with an innovative architecture to reduce and minimize the burden of handling past-due or delinquent accounts.

OneQ ON Collection easily processes data on delinquent accounts and analyses the next collection process by differentiating delinquent accounts based on risk segmentation.

OneQ ON Collection can integrate all of the technologies and channels that customers need, including: auto-dialler telephony systems, SMS and email gateways, mobile field collection systems, and voice blast systems.

The result of each collection activity is uploaded to the collection and records system to update the status of customers’financial condition, thus creating an audit trail for the collection work for delinquent accounts, and update the information on customers’ willingness and ability to pay.


System Configuration


  • 01Convenient management functions: manage past-due and delinquent accounts and score accounts
  • 02Comprehensive, all-in-one monitoring service
  • 03Intuitive dashboard and analytical report
  • 04Use of advanced technology to prevent risk (dialler telephony system, predictive dialling system, SMS and email gateways)


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