Easy and Secure Biometric Authentication Solution
The spread of smartphones and emergence of various digital services have presented both benefits and difficulties.

Users have become tired of creating and remembering multiple usernames and passwords and providing their personal information for each service they use, while service providers face the challenges of safely collecting, storing, and protecting numerous types of security information of their customers.

Furthermore, amid the increasing penetration of IoT and mobile services, these difficulties are continuously intensifying, requiring a solution to tackle this issue.

To this end, we introduce OneQ ON Biometrics, an innovative tool that provides customers with both information security and convenience.


OneQ ON Biometrics is a user authentication solution based on customers’ biometric information that significantly alleviates the burden of having to constantly create and store passwords and repeatedly enter personal information.

Moreover, OneQ ON Biometrics stores users’ biometric information on their smartphones, rather than on its own servers, and authenticates users through an official certification entity using public key cryptography, thereby mitigating the risk of biometric information being stolen through hacking and ensuring robust security.

OneQ ON Biometrics offers the following benefits.



High level of security through multi-factor authentication

Biometrics authentication is multi-factor authentication based on biometric information and ID/password, SW-OTP, and public key infrastructure (PKI).
This is the most advanced identification control technology for preventing forgery.

Personal keys created in this process are stored in a secure storage space.

OneQ ON Biometrics is based on the FIDO Authentication standard i.e. biometric authentication, PLI authentication, and secure storage which is more secure than off-the-shelf commercial biometric authentication solutions.

This robust security solution has already been proven for financial institutions that require the highest level of security, including banks, credit card companies, and capital companies.

User non-repudiation technology and increased management efficiency

OneQ ON Biometrics verifies the validity of authentication sessions and the status of users’ FIDO service registration based on a non-repudiation concept, thus protecting customers from the risk of being repudiated for services.
  • Verification of current information of users using FIDO   authentication service
  • Management of App ID and Face ID of applications in use
  • Verification of authentication information registered by   users
  • Verification of valid authenticator information
  • Verification of user logs for registration, certification, and   termination
  • Management of authentication policy


OneQ ON Biometrics is a biometric authentication solution that is based on the public key infrastructure (PKI).
It uses biometric sensors and multi-factor authentication, which offers stronger security than existing biometric authentication systems, and supports all types of biometric information (fingerprint, face, iris, and voice).

OneQ ON Biometrics provides consistent service quality regardless of where customers are located, as it offers PKI-based biometric authentication that conforms to international standards with FIDO Alliance certification.
Because of this, OneQ ON Biometrics is being used by customers in Indonesia and other Asian countries as well as Korea.

OneQ ON Biometrics helps customers who avoid services that use complex authentication methods by employing simplified authentication routines, and its robust security eliminates the risk of information leakage and minimizes the costs of security incidents.

We at Hana TI are specialized in the financial IT business and provide OneQ ON Biometrics services to serve diverse financial needs, such as integrated authentication, remittances, transfers, and settlements, for banks, credit card companies, and other subsidiaries of Hana Financial Group. Based on our expertise and experience in various financial industries, OneQ ON Biometrics will further upgrade your business.


System Configuration


  • 01Proven security solution : Received Korea Industry Security Award in June 2016
  • 02Both security and convenience
  • 03Services using a variety of biometric authentication methods
  • 04Flexible system configuration
  • 05User authentication environment tailored to customers through standardized API


If you wish to have detailed consultations or make queries about OneQ ON Biometrics, please contact us using the contact information provided below.
We also provide OTP that satisfies the financial security level without any supplementary equipment. With our Biometrics, it can provide multi-factor that more convenient payment method.