Hyper-Convergence Finance Solution
Nowadays, the barriers between financial sectors are disappearing,
and tools and changes toward an innovative financial system are essential to compete against various type of competitors.

There are numerous global financial companies. But who are their most powerful competitors?
With the emergence of new innovative technologies, such as AI and big data, the borders between industries are blurring (referred to as the “Big Blur”).

We thus need to prepare to confront competitors of various forms.


As IT companies equipped with new technologies and vast amounts of customer information are aggressively declaring war against financial companies,
to preemptively secure competitive edge, financial companies must ensure that they are able to shift to a business environment that promotes convergence with different industrial sectors (channels). Fortunately, we have a solution.

OneQ ON CORE provides a system environment that enables you to converge freely and flexibly in global financial markets, giving you the advantage outlined below.




Reduction of business costs and expansion of system scalability

The use of open standards and technologies minimizes dependence on specific commercial off-the-shelf solution, and the construction of cloud-native architectures enhances system scalability and reduces customers’ infrastructure costs.

Expansion of customers’ marketing capacity with the increased speed of financial task processing

To help our customers increase their market share and boost marketing, OneQ ON CORE was designed based on SOA (service-oriented architecture).
This allows optimized financial services tailored to a local business environment and the faster launch of new products and services, providing customers with opportunities to create new businesses and expand their current businesses.

In particular, OneQ ON CORE’s Product Factory and Event Accounting functions enable rapid and efficient business task processing and provision of new products and services, bringing satisfaction to both tellers and banks’ customers.

In addition, with our diverse experiences in the global market and convenient channel scalability, we are capable of scaling up our customers’ businesses.

Enhanced flexibility and system availability to adapt to constantly changing financial business environments

Based on the technology, wide range of experience, and in-depth expertise we have accumulated and honed over the past 20 years in the global financial industry, OneQ ON CORE is designed to provide support in diverse financial business environments, such as commercial banking, corporate banking, retail banking, and personal banking.

Furthermore, its flexibly designed components, based on service-based architecture, and reinforced system availability enable a stable, uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Increased convenience and services tailored to customers’ needs

OneQ ON CORE can build the customized functions and services that are the most challenging for users of commercial off-the-shelf solutions to build.

In addition,OneQ ON CORE offers a SVC (single customer view) that enables easy analysis and identification of customers’ needs, ensuring the provision of premier financial services.


OneQ ON CORE is a solution built around the technologies that we have accumulated through our conducting of financial IT projects in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia since 2004. It is a multi-finance solution that can be applied in all sectors of finance, including specialized microfinance businesses, credit card companies, and banks.

OneQ ON CORE supports the improvement of financial service quality and marketing expansion by accelerating financial IT processing and facilitating product development. Encompassing the technology and experience we have built up over the past 20 years, OneQ ON CORE will be continuously updated and upgraded, reflecting customer feedback and the latest R&D, to provide the best possible services to our customers.

Our customers’ system operators have expressed great satisfaction with OneQ ON CORE, especially owing to the multiple features listed below.



  • 01Customized services tailored to customers’ needs
  • 02Ability to add new products promptly and conveniently
  • 03Efficient system achieved through standardization
  • 04Prompt responses to customer feedback by R&D team through continuous functional upgrades and error resolution
  • 05Partially upgradeable thanks to modularized design and flexible channel connectivity
  • 06System stability based on best practices verified in numerous cases
  • 07Easy maintenance and repairs through local partners and smooth communication with customers


OneQ ON CORE will allow you experience a new way of doing business and become a leader in the global financial market.
If you are having difficulty with financial services or wish to have detailed consultations or make queries about OneQ ON CORE, please contact us using the contact information provided below.