Agile, Robust, and Flexible
Financial Infrastructure
Amid the rapid changes occurring in financial consumers’ lives and growing demand for varied and diverse financial products, financial companies are now forced to change.

Cloud platforms have been viewed as a technology exclusive to ventures and startups due to their relatively poor security compared to on-premise applications. In particular, leaving legacy systems to adopt cloud platforms has been viewed as a reckless move for financial companies, which value security and stability.

However, to provide financial services that satisfy consumer needs, which are changing increasingly rapid pace, financial companies need an agile system environment for prompt development and testing as well as an open platform environment capable of connecting various channels and data.

As they form the foundation of such environments, cloud platforms are essential in this regard.


OneQ ON Cloud is a cloud-based platform that offers the robust security and stability needed by the financial service industry, addresses the security concerns of customers, and makes customers’ business environment more flexible and convenient.

OneQ ON Cloud enables you to access a wide variety of innovative, ubiquitous financial services with ease and convenience.



Enhanced business agility through simple and convenient infrastructure

OneQ ON Cloud’s convenient and swift infrastructure environment enables clients to provide services in a more agile manner.

OneQ ON Cloud also helps customers actualize their ideas and engage in development using a DevOps method, thereby helping them launch new businesses promptly and easily.

Flexible scalability and high usability, leading to cost reduction

By serving as a flexible cloud environment on the client’s premises, OneQ ON Cloud is used for financial services that are too sensitive to be trusted to public cloud platforms and enables efficient resource allocation.

Furthermore, amid the rapidly changing IT environment, OneQ ON Cloud reduces the burden of initial system investment and offers flexible scalability that enables clients to vertically or horizontally scale up at any time and to any extent.

Therefore, you do not need to make large investments in infrastructure in anticipation of future changes in numbers of users and business scale.

In addition, OneQ ON Cloud is capable of identifying resources that were used for now-completed short-term tasks and promotions, and assigns them to other tasks, thereby helping clients make efficient use of resources.

Financial cloud with robust ISMS

OneQ ON Cloud, built on our experience and expertise in operating financial infrastructure, satisfied 240 criteria regarding cloud stability of the Financial Security Agency of Korea and received ISO/IEC certification for ISMS (Information Security Management Systems) to meet the security standards for financial services.

Moreover, to minimize threats related to the Internet and hacking, OneQ ON Cloud features an architecture that physically segregates Internet networks from business networks and is capable of conducting real-time surveillance of Internet traffic by linking to security control services.

In particular, the infrastructure of OneQ ON Cloud comprises products and settings whose vulnerabilities have been thoroughly checked and addressed according to the ISMS standards and allows customization according to local compliance protocols.


OneQ ON Cloud is a cloud platform for financial services that is installed in the form of a private or community cloud platform on the premises of financial companies or subsidiaries of a financial group.

Unlike on-premise private clouds provided by hardware manufacturers, OneQ ON Cloud is based on an innovative architectural design and offers solutions that reflect our experience and expertise gained from actually operating financial services and can be customized in accordance with local financial services and regulations

Built with an open-stack platform that is used worldwide, OneQ ON Could supports reliable and safe financial services by combining various open-source components, commercial solutions, and its own development code.


System Configuration


  • 01Private/community cloud platform exclusively for financial services
  • 02Easy maintenance and low operational costs thanks to adoption of open-source, open-standard technology
  • 03High-security design that satisfies the Regulations on Supervision of Electronic Banking and ISMS standards
  • 04Easy to expand compute nodes and storage
  • 05Management portal that increases the operational convenience of resource management, self-service, and dashboard
  • 06Fault tolerance with backup equipment for all components


If you need a reliable, stable cloud platform to support your innovative financial services, please contact us using the details provided below.